Our Process

What is Couture Level Care?

Couture care is an extremely delicate process, involving complicated technology, chemistry and years of practical experience. A couture care specialist is a well-trained master of their craft, from couture apparel to your white cotton shirts. America’s Best Cleaners™ Certification ensures this level of quality through cutting edge standards and continual education.

As one of America’s Best Cleaners, The Cleanery does what it takes to not just satisfy but to astonish our clients. America’s Best Cleaners has devised and implements the toughest standards of quality in the industry. They inspect thoroughly, test us monthly, and require an annual on-site inspection. In addition, they conduct surveys of retailers and clients, random secret shopping reports, and listen to you, the customer.

In order to maintain the exacting standards of America’s Best Cleaners, The Cleanery undergoes a continuing education course of the highest levels through various workshops, seminars, tours and on-site instruction. Our employees are steeped in the advanced courses of cleaning, spotting, finishing, wet cleaning, packaging, and every facet of returning garments to you in like-new condition.

To be a dry cleaner on the leading edge of fashion, one must be familiar with the new age fabrics, dyes, embellishments as well as the complex construction of the garments continually making their way into the various designer clothing. America’s Best Cleaners takes the responsibility of keeping The Cleanery and its 39 affiliate members educated in all the latest styles and technologies.