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Now managed by the second generation of the Lucero family, The Cleanery has consistently offered what larger dry cleaners can’t—personal attention to every garment. Since 1984, our dry cleaner has serviced a cast of tens of thousands of discerning, satisfied customers; from leading political figures to Hollywood productions across metropolitan Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

At The Cleanery, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards:

-As New Mexico’s only certified couture level dry cleaner, we undergo rigorous yearly screenings and re-certification by America’s Best Cleaners (ABC).

– We consistently score among the top five of ABC’s 40 US affiliates in secret shopper and customer satisfaction survey results.

– The Cleanery has achieved platinum level green business certification with the Green Business Bureau to become New Mexico’s only green certified dry cleaner.

Our Process

What is Couture Level Care?

Couture care is an extremely delicate process, involving complicated technology, chemistry and years of practical experience. A couture care specialist is a well-trained master of their craft, from couture apparel to your white cotton shirts. America’s Best Cleaners™ Certification ensures this level of quality through cutting edge standards and continual education.

As one of America’s Best Cleaners, The Cleanery does what it takes to not just satisfy but to astonish our clients. America’s Best Cleaners has devised and implements the toughest standards of quality in the industry. They inspect thoroughly, test us monthly, and require an annual on-site inspection. In addition, they conduct surveys of retailers and clients, random secret shopping reports, and listen to you, the customer.

In order to maintain the exacting standards of America’s Best Cleaners, The Cleanery undergoes a continuing education course of the highest levels through various workshops, seminars, tours and on-site instruction. Our employees are steeped in the advanced courses of cleaning, spotting, finishing, wet cleaning, packaging, and every facet of returning garments to you in like-new condition.

To be a dry cleaner on the leading edge of fashion, one must be familiar with the new age fabrics, dyes, embellishments as well as the complex construction of the garments continually making their way into the various designer clothing. America’s Best Cleaners takes the responsibility of keeping The Cleanery and its 39 affiliate members educated in all the latest styles and technologies.

Serving our Community

The Cleanery is committed to serving the community we live and work in. To this end, our Community Care Program will strive to partner with organizations whose mission is to help the needy in our communities. We have partnered with the The Albuquerque Rescue Mission, because of their efforts and dedication to helping restore hopeless and homeless men, women and children by offering them food, shelter, clothing, training, education, mentoring and counselling.

As a local and family owned business, the Lucero family and The Cleanery team are excited to offer an in-kind service where we will pick up and deliver any clothing or household items you wish to donate to help the homeless at the Albuquerque Rescue Mission. Simply leave your marked donations with your regular pick ups if you are currently using our route service or if you prefer to drop them off at one of our three locations, we will be sure to deliver them to the Mission on your behalf.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and we invite you to join us in helping the needy in our community. For more information on the Albuquerque Rescue Mission, visit their site or call them at 505-346-467.

If you would like more information on this program please call any of our locations. If you would like to schedule a pick up of household items and/or clothing to be donated to the Albuquerque Rescue Mission, give us a call at (505) 298-2629.

Retail Partners

We are proud to be the premier choice among fine area fashion retailers, who have overwhelmingly chosen and recommended The Cleanery to their own clients, as the premier option for garment care.

These purveyors of high end fashions know our dry cleaning processes are specially designed and meticulously implemented to insure the highest quality care and best outcome for all fine fabrics and garments. We are pleased to assist them in maintaining happy, satisfied customers, by providing the best care for their best wear.

Area fashion retailers who recommend The Cleanery include Bert & Jess Clothiers, Bebe, Chicos, Elsa Ross, Pendleton among others.

Green Pledge

At The Cleanery, we don’t just say we’re green. we ARE green As the only Green Business Bureau Certified dry cleaner in the state, we are determined to do our part for our community and the environment. Our “EcoCare” service is our COMMITMENT to the constant pursuit of delivering the highest quality and most eco-friendly dry cleaning service in the state of New Mexico.

We are pleased to introduce our new EcoLuxe technology, which not only address the quality requirements of our high service standard, but meets our environmental commitment as well. While previously marketed “green” cleaners have not been good cleaners, our newly revamped EcoLuxe dry cleaning process is an intelligent mix of water, technology and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents that clean your most delicate garments while leaving the smallest environmental imprint.

You’ll be amazed by the soft hand and neutral aroma this specialized service delivers.

In addition to our eco-friendly cleaning process, we recycle all components of our packaging, including hangers, bags and paper goods. In fact, we are happy to tailor our packaging process to suit your own environmental practices by eliminating tissue or poly bags on your garments. Feel free to bring your own garment bags—or request one of our reusable garment bags!


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