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Dry Cleaning + Wash-and-Fold
Dry Cleaning Services in ABQ & SF

At The Cleanery, every garment receives couture level treatment at our central plant. Your dry cleaning, laundry and household items will be carefully tended to at our state-of-the-art facility, staffed by our highly-trained employees. Our process ensures optimal quality control with complete on-site services including eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundering, pressing, tailoring, alterations and garment restoration.

Unlike other dry cleaners our attention to quality spans the entire cleaning cycle. We distill and constantly change cleaning solvents to maintain maximum effectiveness and pristine conditions, while all slacks are hand-finished and every single article of clothing is hand-inspected and to ensure it receives couture level care.

Our dry cleaning process is completely biodegradable, featuring plant-based organic solvent that does not require labeling and is not rated as a dangerous material or substance in Europe. Our solvent has also been dermatologically tested with a “very good” result.

Additional Services

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