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Platinum Care
Fine Garment Dry Cleaning in ABQ and SF

Developed by The Cleanery for fine garments, Platinum Care is a specialized, custom process that extends expert care to your “investment” pieces. Our 12-point inspection process for Platinum Care garments ensure impeccable, ready-to-wear clothing with expert cleaning, finishing, and packaging.

Platinum Care includes:

  • Removal of buttons prior to, and reattachment after, cleaning.
  • Cleaning garments in net bags on a reduced agitation cycle to ensure a gentle but thorough cleaning.
  • Garment finishing on a European Finishing Board, which allows us to press a garment on a “cushion of air,” alleviating seam impressions and poor finishing characteristics.

In addition, we inspect for and correct for buttons that need reinforcement, loose threads, snags, minor mending and repair, and de-linting. Platinum Care garments are finished with boutique hangers, expertly packaged with high-grade tissue, and bagged separately to alleviate wrinkling in travel.

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