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Green Dry Cleaning Company in ABQ & Santa Fe
Get that clean, soft, fresh, natural feeling!

As the only Green Business Bureau Certified dry cleaner in the state, The Cleanery is determined to do our part for our community and the environment. We put environmentalism into practice in our business!

Our new EcoLuxe technology not only addresses the quality requirements of our high-service standard, but meets our environmental commitment as well. We also use Bio-based dry cleaning solvent.

EcoLuxe Green Dry Cleaning Technology

While previously “green” cleaners have not been good cleaners, our newly revamped EcoLuxe dry cleaning process is an intelligent mix of water, technology and environmentally friendly cleaning agents that clean your most delicate garments while leaving the smallest environmental imprint.

You’ll be amazed by the softness and neutral aroma this specialized service delivers.

 In addition to our eco-friendly cleaning process, we recycle all components of our packaging, including hangers, bags and paper goods. In fact, we’re happy to tailor our packaging process to suit your own environmental practices by eliminating tissue or poly bags on your garments.

Green Eco-Friendly Garment Cleaning
Wet Cleaning Technology

Wet cleaning technology offers not only a high degree of safety for delicate materials and demanding textiles but also bright colors, scented freshness, skin-friendly touch and excellent cleaning results with lower costs. Wet cleaning is the most environment-friendly and healthiest type of textile care.

We’ve been customers of The Cleanery for two years and have been very pleased with their service and quality. Our clothes come back fresh and wrinkle-free, without the slightest whiff of cleaning fluid, which is important to us. Pickup and delivery are a breeze. We highly recommend this company.
~ N D Williams
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