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Our Guarantee

At The Cleanery, we stand behind our work. Your satisfaction is always our highest priority. Guaranteed.

Double Your Money Back Guarantee - No Kidding!

Other ABQ dry cleaners talk about how good their quality and service is. But do they guarantee it? At The Cleanery we always want you to look your best – be it for work, fun, special occasions- whatever. If you ever get an item back and you are not 100% thrilled with it, we will redo it FREE of charge. If you are still not satisfied after we redo the garment, we will credit your account or refund you twice the cost you paid to have the garment cleaned.

Albuquerque, NM Dry Cleaner – Money Back Guarantee
$5 Broken Shirt Button Guarantee

Ever had a shirt come back from the cleaner with a broken button? We work hard to make sure that won’t happen to you, but if a shirt ever comes back with a broken or missing button, we’ll give you $5. That’s right, $5 for each and every broken or missing button, guaranteed.

Dry Cleaner in ABQ – Broken Button Guarantee
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