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Our Services
Dry Cleaning + Wash-and-Fold

At The Cleanery, every garment receives couture level treatment at our central plant. Your dry cleaning, laundry and household items will be carefully tended to at our state-of-the-art facility, staffed by our highly-trained employees. Our process ensures optimal quality control with complete on-site services including eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundering, pressing, tailoring, alterations and garment restoration.

Unlike other dry cleaners our attention to quality spans the entire cleaning cycle. We distill and constantly change cleaning solvents to maintain maximum effectiveness and pristine conditions, while all slacks are hand-finished and every single article of clothing is hand-inspected and to ensure it receives couture level care.

Our dry cleaning process is completely biodegradable, featuring plant-based organic solvent that does not require labeling and is not rated as a dangerous material or substance in Europe. Our solvent has also been dermatologically tested with a “very good” result.

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning
Wedding Gown Preservation

Fine wedding gowns demand special care.

As members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, The Cleanery’s professionals are trained in the cleaning and preservation of these most special of dresses. Our specialized process includes pressing your gown to perfection and delivering it to you prior to your event.

Afterwards, we will clean and press your gown, and arrange for you to thoroughly inspect your gown before we preserve it in an acid-free, heirloom quality box for future generations.

If you’d like a quote for your bridal gown cleaning and restoration needs, please bring the gown in to one of our locations to receive an accurate quote. Our prices are based on the designer, type of construction, degree of soiling, length, complexity and embellishments.

Platinum Care

Developed by The Cleanery for fine garments, Platinum Care is a specialized, custom process that extends expert care to your “investment” pieces. Our 12-point inspection process for Platinum Care garments ensure impeccable, ready-to-wear clothing with expert cleaning, finishing, and packaging.

Platinum Care includes:

  • Removal of buttons prior to, and reattachment after, cleaning.
  • Cleaning garments in net bags on a reduced agitation cycle to ensure a gentle but thorough cleaning.
  • Garment finishing on a European Finishing Board, which allows us to press a garment on a “cushion of air,” alleviating seam impressions and poor finishing characteristics.

In addition, we inspect for and correct for buttons that need reinforcement, loose threads, snags, minor mending and repair, and de-linting. Platinum Care garments are finished with boutique hangers, expertly packaged with high-grade tissue, and bagged separately to alleviate wrinkling in travel.

Linens, Comforters, Rugs and Draperies

Crisp, clean table cloths, napkins, sheets and pillowcases are the hallmark of fine restaurants and hotels. Specialists at The Cleanery can clean and press your linens so you can enjoy same level of quality and luxury at home.

At The Cleanery, Oriental rugs and Native American Rugs are cleaned with tender loving care. Native American Rugs will come back to you clean, bright and with no distortion or wavy edges. Our experience includes cleaning hundreds of rugs hand woven by the Famous Ortega rug weavers.

Let us clean you bedding and household linens including blankets, bedspreads and down comforters in special machines that ensure maximum cleanliness, yet are delicate enough for the finest comforters. Down comforters will come back clean, fresh and fluffy.

Leathers & Suedes

The Cleanery specializes in successfully cleaning all types of leather and suede. Non-traditional fabrics require special care and can acquire blemishes easily, but we will return your items in perfect condition, with no warping, discoloration, or stretching.


Quality garment care will always involve some amount of maintenance or alterations, and The Cleanery’s alterations experts perform these services on the premises with the same care and attention to detail as all our other services. From hems, zippers and minor mending to custom alteration of your finest pieces, let us help you look your best.

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