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Welcome Hangers Customers

Special Offer: Free Comforter Cleaning with Your First Order! **

July 8, 2022

Special Announcement: Hangers Cleaners is now The Cleanery!

Hangers owner Jim Steele and his wife Carol are pleased to announce that they’re ready to retire. They’ve made arrangements for The Cleanery and owner Kurt Lucero to take over the business.

Jim says: “Carol and I are extremely happy to turn over the business we built to the best cleaner in Albuquerque.”

From Kurt: “We want to congratulate Jim and Carol on their retirement and thank them for their 18 years of service here in Albuquerque. We’re honored to be taking over the reins. We love their attention to their clients, their service to the community, and their commitment to green dry cleaning. We are excited to start serving you.”

Jim and Carol plan to travel and continue their volunteer activities, and you may see Jim from time to time at The Cleanery visiting Kurt and the crew.

Hangers clients can expect a gradual transition.

The Cleanery will offer the same:
• Commitment to client service and satisfaction
• Regular pickup and delivery on scheduled days
• Bio-based solvents and soap that are not harmful to you or the environment
• Wet cleaning with water-based, biodegradable products

The Cleanery’s green initiatives also include: Biodegradable garment bags, custom recyclable collar stays, and recycling of all hangers. You will also notice we are moving away from the use of plastic,  consolidating routes to reduce fuel use, and company-wide investments to reduce energy costs and waste. The Cleanery is a Platinum member of the Green Business Bureau.

All Hangers team members have been offered a position with The Cleanery and many look forward to continuing to serve you alongside The Cleanery’s locally recognized professional staff.

As an introductory offer, The Cleanery will honor Hangers’ current pricing for all Hangers clients, and we want to gift you one FREE comforter cleaning (any size, includes down). Hurry! Expires August 30, 2022. Limit one per customer.

Thank you again to Jim and Carol Steele, and welcome to The Cleanery: Exceptional care. Delivered.



Jim Steele
Hangers Cleaners

Kurt Lucero
The Cleanery

** Free comforter cleaning with your first order at The Cleanery!

Welcome Hangers Clients! When you drop off your order or schedule a pickup, be sure to include your favorite comforter for a free cleaning! Now through August 30, 2022. Limit one per customer. The Cleanery, formerly Hangers Cleaners: 12231 Academy Rd NE #101, Albuquerque, NM 87111.

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